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The teaching staff for this Master is formed by:

  • subject doctors from the University of Vigo,
  • well-known doctors from other universities that belong to investigation groups focused on the proposed subjects in the Master's and/or teach in other Postgraduate degrees with similar characteristics,
  • private sector professionals who will contribute their own experience in project, business, and initiative management, particularly to illustrate the Master's theory content.

Additionally, complementary activities will also be organised; round tables with private sector professionals and with public administration members, visits to companies, visits to technology parks and innovation and technology centres, etc.



  • Alberto Vaquero García (Applied Economics Department)
  • Ana Isabel Gueimonde Canto (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Ana Isabel Sinde Cantorna (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Ana María Tobío Rivas (Civil Law Department)
  • Ana Pérez González (Statistics and Operational Research Department)
  • Andrés Mazaira Castro (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Ángel Barajas Alonso (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • Ángeles López Lozano (Office Director of R & D -OTRI- of the University of Vigo)
  • Anxo Moreira González (Technical Area Director of R + D + I of the University of Vigo)
  • Arturo José Fernández González (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Carlos Antonio Ferro Soto (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Celso Cancela Outeda (Sociology, Political Science and Public Administration and Philosophy Department)
  • Dolores Rivero Fernández (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • Elena Gallego Rodríguez (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • Emilia Seoane Pérez (EURES Adviser at the University of Vigo)
  • Ernesto López-Valeiras Sampedro (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • Isabel Diéguez Castrillón (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Lorenzo Rodríguez Comesaña (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • María Beatriz González Sánchez (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • María Cruz del Rio Rama (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • María del Mar Rodríguez Domínguez (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • María Eva Diz Comesaña (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Mónica Villanueva Villar (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • Nuria Rodríguez López (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Pablo De Carlos Villamarín (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Patricio Sánchez Fernández (Financial Economy and Accounting Department)
  • Sara Menor Conde (Civil Law Department)
  • Tony Crespo Franco (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)
  • Trinidad Domínguez Vila (Business Organisation and Marketing Department)



  • Adrián Coronado Mondragón (University of London)
  • Antonio Leal Millán (University of Seville)
  • Domingo Nevado Peña (University of Castilla-La Mancha)
  • José Maria Gómez Gras (Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche)
  • Lluis Codinas Puch (University School of Maresme, Mataró-Maresme TecnoCampus)
  • Víctor Rául López Ruíz (University of Castilla-La Mancha)



  • Carlos Caride González (Faurecia)
  • Carmen Nogueira Cayetano (CAPITALIZA Inteligencia y Tecnología, S.L.)
  • Felix Sánchez Alonso (Chief of the General Secretariat, -AEAT- Tax Agency, Delegation of Ourense)
  • Guillermo Viña González (Manager of IgapeNova)
  • Ignacio Breijo Villasuso (Controller of Inditex)
  • Ignacio Sánchez Sánchez (Prevention Services Coordinator Asepeyo Pontevedra)
  • Jorge Sánchez Táboas (Hisanta Group)
  • José Manuel Bouzón Pintos (Director Bouzón Consultores SL)
  • Lara Rey Vázquez (FERROATLÁNTICA I+D)
  • Manuel Varela Rey (Director GAIN)
  • Marta Sanz Tordable (In charge of Operacions of Edesdev)
  • Natalia Nogueira López (Innovation Area Director SERVIGUIDE)
  • Teresa González Ventín (EURES Coordinator)



  • Ana Gueimonde Canto - President
  • Beatriz González Sánchez - Secretary
  • Alberto Vaquero García - Vocal
  • Elena Gallego Rodríguez- Vocal
  • Isabel Diéguez Castrillón - Vocal
  • Lorenzo Rodríguez Comesaña - Vocal
  • Marcos Álvarez Díaz - Vocal

Rules of Procedure