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International mobility of students and professors will be organised with the help of the International Relations Office (ORI) and the University of Vigo EURES (EURopean Employment Services) Adviser, as well as the Manager of International Relations for the Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism (Exchange students).

With the help and support of these services and people, the participation of both teaching staff and the student body in public mobility and international cooperation grants and scholarships will be promoted.

Specifically, and pertaining to student mobility, participation in the following programmes will be encouraged:

  • Erasmus Programme, for the mobility of students between European universities.
  • ISEP Programme (International Student Exchange Programme), for the mobility of students between Europe and USA.
  • The University of Vigo's own exchange programme, for the mobility of University of Vigo students to those universities of other nations that have bilateral subject agreement.
  • Grant and scholarship programme to help the mobility of official Master's particpants, from the Ministry of Science and Education.
  • Leonardo da Vinci programme, part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme, for transnational internships.