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The Master's in Business Innovation and Entrepeneurship has a length of  90 ECTS credits, of which 60 are represented by lecture and practical orientation, while the other 30 correspond to internships in companies or in investigation and innovation support organisations (centres of innovation, technology centres, industrial parks, etc.) and a Master's dissertation.

This Master is taught in a blended format.

It is composed of 3 academic terms:

  • The two terms in the 2016-2017 course will be assigned to the 60 lecture-practical credits (which correspond to the first 3 lecture modules: (1) Advanced topics of economic and business management, (2) Business creation, (3) Innovation, technology, and quality management).
    Classes will take place between September 2016 and June 2017 on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Occasionally, there will be some sessions on Thursdays afternoon.
  • Throughout the second half of 2017 the internships will take place as well as the development and public defence of the dissertations in the presence of the dissertation board (both activities correspond to the fourth module: Specialisation and Master's dissertation).