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The Máster's programme integrates two deeply-interrelated specialisation fields:

  • creating and leading a business and
  • management of innovation, technology, and quality.

These are two interrelated steps within a comprehensive training proposal.

The creation of a company establishes an inescapable first step towards bringing greater economic growth and development which, in turn, guarantees social welfare. That step towards larger shares of wealth and well-being is especially reinforced through the foundation of a company that is capable of valuing new technologies and new knowledge.

Effective leadership and management constitute a second step towards social improvement via business competency.

However, in the current framework of globalisation and rivalry, the creation, leadership, and management of a business should be subject to innovation, technology, and quality as both strategic and transversal factors. In the current context, economic growth and the development of welfare are not established merely through the creation of new knowledge or new technologies, but specifically through the ability to manage them efficiently, to value them as competitive resources with which new market products and new productive processes can be created and existing processes can be improved. Today, efficient leadership and management of a company is indissolubly connected, even subordinate, to the management of innovation, technology, and quality. Businesses must understand this demand and incorporate these management areas into their strategy.