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This Master's degree, of 90 ECTS credits, proposes a specialisation in the creation and leadership of, and innovation in a business. It is a programme with an interdisciplinary and international development approach aimed at those people who wish to acquire the skills, attitudes and abilities necessary to: 

  1. Improve management effectiveness and the competitiveness of its organisations. (The first module, advanced topics of economic and business management, was designed for this purpose.)
  2. Create and direct new business projects efficiently -especially knowledge-based and technology companies- (For this purpose the second module (business creation) was designed
  3. Carry out activities related to innovation, quality, and technology management in any type of organisation: innovation management in businesses, clusters, technology support, innovation and technology centres or business associations, new product or service development, programmes to promote innovation in private organisations or public administrations, management tasks in R&D departments, service provision of R&D, launch and management of service provision in technology, management of the environment, of labour risk prevention, and of corporate social responsibility, evaluation and self-evaluation of quality, etc. (Innovation, technology, and quality management, the third module, was designed for this purpose.)

The objective of this Master's is to equip people with context awareness, leadership capabilities, and the essential innovative culture in order to manage and take part in business projects that tangibly increase the innovative capabilities of the economic structure in which they work. Thus, in this sense, a global and strategic view of companies-as well as the characteristics of the environments where their activities take place-is offered, since the requirements and challenges of a complex, constantly-changing economic setting can only be faced from a holistic business perspective.